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Who Am I?

I’m a progressive creative theatre & film writer, director, producer and concept originator. That means the story behind the visuals must be meaningful, human and honest. I have faith that true creativity transcends social barriers and cultural tensions.

I am provocative, different, daring and alternative. I have no fear in asking the questions others daren’t and I’ll go where most fear to tread. I value simplicity and sensitivity.

I believe in diversity, expression, social responsibility and clear communication. But I’m not afraid to make you sit up and listen, or even change your opinion.

I’m good with talent. I’m very good with the crew – before, during and post production. I’m decent with children and animals. I’m respectful of budgets. I may be outrageous with clients or sponsors.

You may find me difficult. I’d call it being inventive.

You may find me unorthodox. I’d call it being inspired.

You may find me alternative. I’d call it being original.

The journey will be an adventure.

The process will be exciting.

The end result will be a guaranteed success for everyone.

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